Why a pawnshop - Leihhaus Banki am Hauptbahnhof

What is a pawnshop?

In a pawnshop you can change your valuable items into loans. These loans are usually awarded between 25% and 50% of the current value (not the former purchase price). If the costumer has not paid the obtained loan with the previously incurred charges or have not paid for an extension, then the pawned item will be sold at a public auction to the highest bidder. If a higher amount will be reached as the loan plus the costs, the costumer can claim the difference for as long two years. After this time, the surplus expires and will be transferred to the local government. If the item is not sold in the public auction, the pawnshop will take it over and try to sell the item to cover the costs.


Additional safety through the “German Confederation of pawn industry eV”


The Banki Group  is a pawnshop of the new generation, very modern in design and ambience like jewelry stores or banks. A newly created signet, a symbolic “P” with the impression of “pawn loan”, attached at windows and doors of the pawnshops show new customers additional security. This is a member of the pawnbanking industry e.V.“The German Confederation of pawn banking industry eV” introduced this new signet for the pawn business nationwide in the early 1990s.

Advantages of the Banki Group

Instant cash

The disbursement of the loans made within minutes.

No credit verifications

The usual bank credit verifications like income certificates etc. are unnecessary. The deposited valuable item is accepted as the security.


Pawn loans are compared with short-term bank loans quite competitive.

No Schufa

A pledgor makes – unlike the usual credit – no debts. He deposited parts of his property as a collateral and in return he quickly and efficiently gets cash.


Today, the pawn banking industry offers favorable conditions for small loans. A loan of hundred or even up to several 10,000 EURO with individual maturities like days, weeks or months are available, as you wish.

Your property

The pawn is during the entire loan term in the ownership of the pledgor, if the regulatory loan fees are being paid.


The valuables are stored professionally and insured against damage or loss.

Only ID required

he debtor must only present during the signature of the loan agreement a personal document (identity card or passport). This is a security measure; German pawnbrokers are effectively protected from unauthorized use by these regulations. The personal data of debtors, however, are intended only for our internal business use. No unauthorized person gets access to the documents of the pawn banking industry.

No information

he solid base of each loan is a valuable item. For the debtor this means, unlike in the banking industry, no information will be provided to credit agencies like the “Schufa” about the loan or the valuable item.