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Characteristics of a loan at the Banki Group

A pawn loan is a typical short credit.

After the inspection and the valuation, the customer receives a loan that will be paid immediately in cash. The pawn ticket contains all necessary information, such as maturity, loan amount, customer name, etc.

The costs are determined by the authorities and based on the amount of the loan.

A loan of 300 EURO costs, for example, 9.50 EURO per month. This includes all estimates, storage and packaging expenses. The deposited item is covered against fire, burglary and theft while it remains in our position for the double of the loan amount. If the debtor decides not to redeem the pawn, it will be auctioned.

The term of the loan is always three months.

After the three months, we provide our customer an additional month for the loan period. Within this period, the customer can get his item at any time. If the debtor is not able to redeem his item in this period, he has the option to extend his pawn ticket for the regular fees and periods as often he wants.

What kinds of items are possible and the cost:

Basically any item of value. Mainly, jewellery, gold, consumer electronics and special antiques and pictures by well-known artists. We also accept cars and motorcycles.
With our online deposit fee calculator you can immediately identify all your charges.